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Update - Victor Dark and It's Not A Game will be combined into one book. There will be two parts. Victor Dark - Revelations and It's Not A Game - The Clash for Humanity. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Here is the list of characters in Blaine Sims' next novel, "Victor Dark - Revelations". Twenty-percent (20%) of the royalties of this book will be equally donated between Moose International and the American Legion.

Victor Dark — Victor has moved on from his days as Andrei’s friend in Something About Sammy. He learned much from the man and still mourns his death. Victor will need every bit of skill and wisdom Andrei taught him as he learns a deep secret and raises a family.

Fontaine Dark — Victor’s wife, she is everything he’s hoped for. A classy lady with a down-to-earth side, their love for each other, and their two children, is intense. It will take every ounce to get through what lies ahead. Are they strong enough?

Perfect Dark — The daughter who adores her father. She’s a regular young lass. Or is she? Follow her transformation from a little girl whose dad dotes on her to a creature of the dark. Nefarious ways emerge which alter the relationships with her father, mother, and brother.

Andrei Dark — A young lad any father would be proud of. Named in honor of Victor’s friend, no tougher person has God created. Is there a special purpose for it? Will he be up to the challenges which await him? You’ll find out as Andrei grows to bear the weight of the universe.

Samuel/Sammy Pangborn — The main character in the critically acclaimed novel, Something About Sammy. He’s hereerre!

Andrei Ruchkin — A main character in Something About Sammy. Andrei was an enigmatic person whose mystery confounded himself more than anyone else. Driven by passion and the loss of so many he loved, he tried to prepare Victor for a final outcome. He returns in this series via memories of him, stories he told, and a final conclusion.

Angel Nova — Readers of Something About Sammy will welcome back Andrei’s friend Angel as the story unwinds. Fascinating secrets of her past life will delight and awe you. Discover her role in an unbelievable journey of a bygone world and the future of the universe.

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