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"A complex theme that makes for interesting reading. Whenever we face painful situations, especially when a moral dilemma is concerned, we sometimes hold ourselves back as we try to process what's happening. An unusual, albeit interesting read. Recommended."

Emerald Book Reviews

"A well written and compelling novel; I was blown away by the startling conclusion!" - Thomas Burnham, St. Petersburg, FL

"A very intensive, thought-provoking, intriguing read from Blaine. My first time reading this author and I am thoroughly hooked! I love that this book gave an unvarnished picture of mental illness, sexuality, love and the complexity when these intertwine in one way or the other. I absolutely loved the journey of Andrei ... life is a journey and influenced but a lot of things beyond our control and this story tells us how. It also gives a perspective on mental illness and other complicated topics and we leave the book understanding it better. If you want an honest and informed read, this book is just what you need."

Sevin on Goodreads -

This is a wonderful story that has breath and depth. It shows the longing of love in all its beauty. It can deeply affect a person to the core and change one’s life like nothing else can. Love can alter us and our life to the point that we will never be the same. Love is an emotion that no one should live without because it gives our lives meaning, yet it is the hardest to live with when one is overwhelmed by it.


Andrei is a straight man who moves into a new community in Blue Springs. He has experienced many ups and downs in life. But he was ready to make a new life for himself. He seemed like a regular guy doing regular things until he met Sammy, a millennial Gay man.


Andrei’s whole world turned upside down. It seemed at first like a relationship that would never work. Andrei was decades younger than Sammy. They seemed to have little in common and didn’t have much to talk about. But when they were together, it seemed like the whole world stood still.


This is a story like no other I ever read.


I found myself reflecting on the nature of love and how all-encompassing it really is. There is so much to reflect on and many realizations to be had as we read the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read Sims’ next book.


Irene S. Roth